Pastor Tamara Bio

Fernando Carlos Tamara is the Lead Pastor of The Way Christian Center (TWCC) and Director & Research Assistant of The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership at Vanguard University of Southern California (VUSC). His passion for teaching began in 1989 during his premature arrival at the university as he, an eighteen year old student, would offer tutorial classes in Systematic Logic to his classmates at a Law School in Lima, Peru. 
In 1993, he came to the United States from Peru. Months later, he settled in Santa Ana, CA. Since then, Fernando has served in many academic and administrative positions.  He worked at the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) as a Bilingual Assistant for almost 5 years.  Later, he got a position at Coastline College working in various departments such as Admissions, Distance Learning, Counseling, and Business.  He obtained two AA Degrees from both Coastline College (Emphasis in Philosophy) and Orange Coast College (Emphasis in Literature). 
Before his teaching career, Fernando worked as youth leader at a local church for almost seven years, leading fasting and vigil services every weekend.  In addition, he contributed in many missionary projects (Guatemala & Peru). He was also invited as an evangelist to Mexico and various countries. One of the greatest achievements in his ministry was the planting of TWCC at the chapel of VUSC in Costa Mesa, CA. 

He obtained a B.A. in Religion, with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministries (2001) and M.A. in Christian Leadership (2003) from VUSC. Being a counselor and mentor for Hispanic students at VUSC, he co-foundedLas capillas en español while he worked as Administrative Assistant for the Center for Urban Studies and Ethnic Leadership (CUSEL). 


As adjunct Spanish professor and K-12 credentialed substitute teacher (SAUSD & CNUSD), Fernando is a devoted pedagogue who also served as Academic Dean at The Latin American Bible Institute of California (LABI-CA) for two years. Currently, Fernando is dedicated to writing manuals for churches and has three forthcoming books, Unvistazo a nuestrahispanidad(a treatise on Hispanic Theology), Escritura y composición(a methodological approach to written composition), and Métodos de Investigaciónpara el Estudio de lasEscrituras(a hermeneutical approach to biblical research). He has completed various seminars in Conflict Management, Ecclesial Organization, Leadership and Pneumatology (with a major emphasis on glossolalia).  


Fernando is one of the leading professors at The Latin American Theological Seminary (LATS), teaching courses such as Hispanic Culture, Greek, and Systematic Theology.  As ordained minister, he holds credentials from the General Council of the Assemblies of God (Springfield, MO). 









Pastor Fernando Tamara