Smith, Henry & Ivonne
After going to Guayaquil, Ecuador at age 8, Henry along with his wife Ivonne, whom he met in 2000, have been investing their lives in reaching young people for the past 8 years.  However, during this last term, after seeing the needs particularly of the single moms and the fatherless in the marginalized areas, the slums, and believing that “the local church is the HOPE of the world,” they now dream of planting “a place of HOPE” in the midst of hopelessness.  

“Can you imagine what could happen in these areas if there were a strong, healthy, vibrant church providing a multi-faceted community center with daycare to help the single moms in their plight to get ahead in life?  Providing hope one life at a time, we could see some relief of extreme poverty and offer solutions to the community.”

“We long to see His kingdom come, ON EARTH, in Guayaquil!  We would love nothing greater than to see the light shining in the heart of darkness.  The most beautiful colors of the day are those closest to the night.”  They are daily trying to “step out of the boat” on their faith walk.  They have three children, Isabela, Samuel, and Eva Grace.