Wakefield, David & Fran
Email: david_wakefield@sil.org


Wycliffe Bible Translators South Pacific

 The Wakefields have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1970 (http://www.wycliffe.org/).  They served in Papua New Guinea from 1972 to 1993 under Wycliffe’s partner organization, SIL (http://www.sil.org/), and initiated work among the Miniafia people (on Papua New Guinea’s Northeast Coast) in 1973.  In 1997 they were asked to move to Dallas, Texas where David worked in the International Anthropology Department, first as a consultant and then as Department Head.  Since 2007 he has served Wycliffe and SIL International as an Anthropology Consultant for 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific Area.  The Miniafia-Oyan New Testament was published in 2009.  The Wakefields presently work with field staff to help them make the cultural adjustments necessary to ministering effectively cross culturally.